Go Daddy Review

Get Noticed with a $7.99 .COM or .CO!



Our customers ask us all the time which domain registrar they should use. We tell them they can really use any domain registrar such as Go Daddy, Name Cheap, Moniker, etc. But some of our customers want to know who we personally use and the reasons why. So for the benefit of our customers and others we are providing our recommendation and detailed information on why we clearly recommend Go Daddy for our personal domain hosting.

1. Why We Use And Recommend Go Daddy?

We have used Go Daddy for domain hosting for over 5 years and recommend it to our customers for domain hosting. We have tried many of the larger and smaller domain hosting companies but Go Daddy offers some extra benefits that make them our choice for domain hosting.

Some of the things we like about Go Daddy include:

– Domain Interface Is Easy To Use And Well Organized

The entire account interface has been improved over the years and is easy to use. You can review your domain name in the Domain Manager and add on other items such as privacy, cash parking, etc. very easily.

– Domains Are Well Priced Along With Privacy Option

Go Daddy is very competitive with the pricing of their domain names. Keep an eye out for their periodic sales they have such as pricing their .com’s at a lower price or giving you a package deal if you buy a .com, they give you the other domains for free or at a really reduced price.

– Domain Purchases And Domain DNS Changes Appear Quickly

Another feature we like about Go Daddy is that when you make a change in Domain Manger such as the DNS, forwarding of the domain or the like, the changes get made pretty fast. Even though they say they can take 2 hours, we have found the changes occur very quickly. This is nice particularly when you are in the middle of working on several sites and need the domain parameters changed quickly.

– Go Daddy Auctions

Go Daddy arguably has one of the largest selections of domain names for auctions on the net. We like their auction interface since it is easy to find domains to buy and compare. We also like their auctions sales interface since it is quick and easy to list your own domain name for sale in an auction. It is an easy process.

– Customer Service Is Responsive

The Go Daddy customer service has always been great to work with. Go Daddy have improved their customer service over the years and are much more responsive than they were in the past. We have found other domain registrars are much slower at getting back to you. Try to get a quick response from Moniker or SEDO.

– Cash Parking

For our domains that we are not actively using, we like the Go Daddy cash parking as their interface lets you see visits, clicks, and other reports. It is easy to use and gives you different options to use to implement it.

– Overall Use

Overall, Go Daddy provides a one stop shop for all our domain needs. The lower prices, easy to use interface, and good customer service keeps us as one of their customers. So consider all of these factors when deciding which registrar to go with. If you want to try Go Daddy, click on the link below to get started with a free account.


Get Noticed with a $7.99 .COM or .CO!